Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Comfort Zone

Today's workout was tough.  The goal was to get us out of our comfort zone - and about 10 minutes into the workout I could feel myself hitting that comfort zone wall... But I am happy to say that I pushed through and kept going.  It is amazing to me what kinds of personal insight can be gained all from a 45 minute workout in the dark.  So often in life when the clouds start to settle in on us and life gets hard - we tend to fall back into old habits, give up on  commitments that we've made, forget that a dream is worth fighting for - we start to feel like we are in the dark...  But I can honestly say that it is in those moments when we need to push the hardest and look for the light that is always there.  Today I pushed through and I want to keep pushing. 

If you are struggling with getting out of your comfort zone - keep going... its on the other side where you really start to grow and experience the reward.

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