Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Comfort Zone

Today's workout was tough.  The goal was to get us out of our comfort zone - and about 10 minutes into the workout I could feel myself hitting that comfort zone wall... But I am happy to say that I pushed through and kept going.  It is amazing to me what kinds of personal insight can be gained all from a 45 minute workout in the dark.  So often in life when the clouds start to settle in on us and life gets hard - we tend to fall back into old habits, give up on  commitments that we've made, forget that a dream is worth fighting for - we start to feel like we are in the dark...  But I can honestly say that it is in those moments when we need to push the hardest and look for the light that is always there.  Today I pushed through and I want to keep pushing. 

If you are struggling with getting out of your comfort zone - keep going... its on the other side where you really start to grow and experience the reward.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Thought you all might enjoy this picture of Gigi... she is learning to crawl - It started with a pretty nice plank - too bad her butt is in the air.  :-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

My car had a message for me...

When I stepped out the door this morning and into the car I noticed that the temperature was quite different from the past couple of months of boot camp.  Here is what I saw.  That's right 40 degrees.  I was prepared with gloves, hat, long sleeve shirt and jacket.  We had the long run today and I am happy to say that there was only one moment during the 3.5 mile run that I walked for a moment.  It felt great to get to the end and think back to the last long run - I could tell that I have made improvements.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Back

It has been a while since I have posted on here.  Life has been a little crazy.  I have been at boot camp when I am in town - and trying to keep up with the meal plan - but I will be honest the traveling for my job has made it tough and I feel like I have been in a bit of a slump.  I am actually really excited to get back to boot camp tomorrow.  I am craving the consistency and accountability.  When I would start diets in the past - if I had a bad day I would make excuses and not get back on my program.  So I am not going to fall back into the same old trap.  I know that I can take off this baby weight and I am committed to doing it.  

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mile Run

Today was the mile run.  I have a love / hate feeling towards these days.  I know that it is going to be tough - but I also have an anxious desire to run so that I can see the progress that I've made.  It has been a frustrating couple of weeks since I sprained my ankle.  My speed had slowed down and I was feeling like I wasn't making much progress.  Today I really wanted to get back to where I was at with my time before I injured myself.  So I needed to shave a whole minute off.  Two weeks ago I ran the mile in 13:20... so taking a minute off while running injured was going to be tough.  But thanks to Kenny who paced me the whole time today I was able to complete the mile in 12:20!  YEAH!  I know that it will be tough to get to my goal of under 10 minutes - but I am not giving up.  I know it is possible.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Long Run and a weight loss update.

Yesterday was the long run at boot camp.  There was a time in my life that I would have never been able to run a 5k without stopping.  I would have needed to catch my breath or walk for a little bit.  I am happy to say that yesterday I ran almost the entire time.  The only reason I stopped was for my ankle injury.  I was super tired when it was all over but I was so proud of the fact that I made it. 

So its been a while since I have recorded my weight loss - so far I have lost 14 lbs in boot camp.  I have a way to go to hit my goal - but after a morning like yesterday - I am more committed than ever.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who are you running for?

I think mom's are known for taking care of everyone but themselves.  I know that at times I have this propensity to think about what the other people in my family need before I think of what I need.  Don't get me wrong - I am all about growing in the virtue of selfless living - but taking care of yourself - even though it may seem selfish... is actually a way to love and bless the different people in your life.  My husband put a little post it note on my Boot Camp Food Journal this morning that said "You're there today for someone other than you."  I thought about that while I was sprinting up and down the baseball field in the dark - I was running today for my kids.  I want to be an energetic and healthy mom.  Not the kind of mom that can't keep up with her kids.  I want to be a role model to my kids of health and wholeness.  So today not only did I run for me - I also ran for my 2 darling little kids....

Who do you run for?

Boot Camp Baby

Thought this was a cute picture of my little boot camp girl in her pink camo.  I know every parent thinks their kid is cute - but come on... she really is!

Monday, September 15, 2008

5:00 am wake up call

Last night i went to bed setting my 2 alarms for 5:00am - It felt so good to get up and go to boot camp.  I was out last week with a nasty case of strep throat and a business trip to Michigan.  It has been frustrating to feel like the past month has been so inconsistent between the sprained ankle and travel and getting sick I have missed way to many 5am wake up calls.

We ran the half way mile today and again I was frustrated over my slow time.  Coming back from an injury has been harder than thought - but I felt good running and my motivation is high to get back into the swing of it.  So I'm off to setting my 2 alarms again for boot camp.
Good Night!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Boot Camp!

I found myself standing in the huddle of boot campers this morning at 5:45 am experiencing that nervous / excited energy about the baseline test that was about to begin.  I have been out for 3 weeks with an ankle injury.  It was so good to return today.  It was great to see the instructors and boot camp friends.  I drove over to the park and had a good conversation with myself. (YES - I often have inner conversations with myself  :-)  I reminded myself of my goals, I pushed the fear out of my head that I was going to get injured again, and I committed to the discipline of taking care of my body.  For many years I would tell myself on Sunday nights - tomorrow I am going to work out - or tomorrow I am going to eat healthy.  I would do good for a few days and then I would miss a workout or cheat and eat something bad - and then I would not get back onto my plan... I would just fall back into the emotional ease of being lazy or undisciplined with my diet.  I can honestly say that last night while I was setting my shoes out for boot camp... I had that old thought - but I pushed through and set the alarm and got up... and I am so glad I did.  It was hard to run and I have a bit of a hill to climb before I am back to 100% physical capacity - but I am so glad that I pushed through and showed up today. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Confession & Craving

Ok - I am craving to go back to Boot Camp.  I never thought I would want my alarm to go off at 5am but being out of the rhythm of boot camp over the last 2 weeks has been frustrating.  I am such a creature of rhythm and when my schedule is off and my rhythm is not consistent I have a hard time staying on track... so here is my confession.  This weekend I made cookies with my son... and Yes I had some.  I am going to see Dr. Steve tomorrow - I am so hoping that he tells me that I can start running.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Core Class

Since I can't run in boot camp right now I am taking CORE classes this week at the studio.  Even though its been 3 months since I had Gigi my abdominal muscles are still quite weak so its great that I can target theses muscles for a while.  I am encouraged because 6 weeks after the baby I couldn't even hold an a bridge for more than 5 seconds and I can now hold onto it for about 30 seconds before I start to get that desire to want to drop to my knees - but I hold on as long as I can.  The Core class with Heather was great last night.  I am off to see Dr. Steve again today - hoping my ankle continues to get stronger so that I can be back in boot camp by September.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

I went to see Dr. Steve LaScala today and he did some of his miracle healing.  He did a bunch of stretches and massage work and then hooked me up to some electrical pulses for a while.  It is feeling a ton better but I am going to be doing quite a bit of Icing and Heat therapy for the next 10 to 14 days.  I am trying to not get discouraged.  I felt like I made a ton of progress over the past 6 weeks and its hard to have to now deal with an injury like this.  But I am committed!  So I will be in the studio at the CORE classes and then on to some Interval classes.  Hopefully I will be back at boot camp at the start of September.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

11 lb Baby... 11 lbs Lost in Boot Camp

Gigi is weighing in at around 11 lbs and I weighed myself today and that is the same amount of weight that I have lost since I started boot camp.  That equals out to about 1.5 to 2 lbs a week.  I am feeling better each day.  Of course I am like every other woman on the planet... I wish I could loose 10 lbs in a week - but I know that is not healthy and the weight will go right back on.  Losing weight through exercise and healthy eating is the best way to do it and I am proud of my 11 lbs and I am in love with my 11 lb baby!

On the road again...

I am sitting in the ATL airport getting ready to head out on another trip.  No surprise my flight is delayed so I am sitting in a Starbucks trying to get some work done.  Its funny to me how my snacking craves have changed.  In the past I would have sat here with a fancy drink loaded with calories while munching on some sort of pastry to  tie me over... but  now I think ahead and fill my purse with Zone Perfect Bars and raw almonds to snack on if I get hungry.  Changing the way I eat has really been more about changing the the way I think.  Planning ahead has been an important mental shift.  If I just sort of go with the flow of the day its harder to find something healthy to eat.  But if I think ahead and plan out a menu I usually end up making good decisions.  Another helpful mental shift has been pausing before giving into a weak moment and asking myself - "Do you really want to feel lethargic after eating that muffin?"  I also have to plan out my times of exercise while travelling.  If I don't put it into my schedule (almost like a meeting I can't miss)  I will end up missing my workout.  I am really hoping to be able to run tomorrow.  I took the past 2 days off to let my ankle heal.  I am wearing a brace on it to help reduce the swelling.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Twisted Ankle

Today at boot camp while running backwards I fell while going over one of the uneven parts of the field and twisted my ankle pretty bad.  It has continued to swell throughout the day.  So lots of ice and elevation for me.  I'm hoping it is better by tomorrow - although I'm a little worried to run on it.  Here is a picture of it - divert your eyes from the toes that are in need of a pedicure in the worst way.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicago and back to Boot Camp

Last week we went up to Chicago for 5 days. We had a great time seeing family and friends. I got to tell everyone about what I am doing in Boot Camp... they could not believe that my alarm goes off at 5 am every day - especially since I have a new baby. I was surprised with myself - I ate really well for the most part... except for the big cheat - Chicago Style Pizza. So today as I had to stay for extra credit after a killer workout - I kept asking myself - was that piece of pizza really worth it? (Actually if you have ever had REAL chicago style pizza then you know the answer is a resounding YES!) It was good to get back to boot camp today and of course there is no pizza for me anymore. :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

End of the First Month

Friday was the end of the first month. I woke up multiple times throughout the night on thursday because I kept thinking about the mile run. I so wanted to get my time under 12:30 - but I also didn't want to set an expectation that I would not be able to meet.

The temp. was perfect on Friday. Not too humid and there was a breeze in the quiet air. I felt rested and ready. We first did our Sit-ups and Push-ups. I improved significantly.
Starting Sit-ups 26 - Ending Sit-ups 42
Starting Pushups 47 - Ending Pushups 60

Then we ran the mile. I started out well. I was trying to pace myself and keep a steady breathing pattern. After the first lap I was tired but determined. One of the boot camp instructors ran with me the whole time and another camper kept me encouraged throughout the run. After I got up that hill the second time I picked up my pace and was able to fall into a nice sprint towards the finish line.

So here are my times over the past month.
My starting time was 14:57 (4 weeks ago)
Mid-way time was 13:37 (2 weeks ago)
4 weeks into boot camp 12:15!!!!

I shaved 2 minutes and 42 seconds off of my time. I felt great. To think that I just had a baby 2 1/2 months ago and I was able to run the mile in that time was very encouraging! I have a long way to go to get in the 9 minute range... but I have the next 5 months to get there.

At the end of the first month I weighed myself. I started boot camp weighing 184 lbs. On the last day of camp I weighed 175. 9lbs in the first month! YEAH!!!! My pre-pregnancy clothes are coming!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dirty South

I could not believe how dirty I got at boot camp today.  We did a 45 minute intense interval workout that resulted in the following picture.  I was covered in dirt.  At one point during the workout sweat was dripping into my eyes and I could not wipe my face because I could not find one clean section on my hands or shirt.  


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Missed Boot Camp

I missed boot camp today - Was not feeling well when I woke up. I am bummed because today was the long run and I was really looking forward to seeing how I responded to running a 5k. It is crazy to me that I wanted to actually run a 5k. In the past I would dread the thought of running for 45 minutes straight.

So I am going to go to the studio tonight to attend an interval class. I will be back at boot camp bright and early tomorrow morning.