Friday, April 4, 2008

Before Baby

Hi Mari
I am really excited about this idea.
Here is what I am thinking - let me know what you think.
The baby really could come any day... But if she does not decide to come on her own they are going to induce me on May 9 (2 weeks). Most Drs. Say to wait 6 weeks after a baby is born to do intense exercises. So I was thinking sometime in the month of June we could start my "Returning to me"
journey on the website... I could write out my story, we could post up some before pictures (that I take this week - and right before I go into the hospital and right when I get out) maybe do a video like you suggested...
In June I could start some personal light exercise (walking, maybe some classes at the studio) so that my body is not thrown into shock when I start boot camp in July.
Then I was thinking of coming to boot camp July, August, & September. I would be willing to do whatever you think would help the boot camp company - blogs, videos, whatever. People could follow the story on the web-site. I could post up my goals and my commitment to the program. Put up some of my food journals, etc.
My hope is that people (specifically women trying to get back into shape) will go to the web-site and be inspired and realize that they can be healthy and strong and sign up to go to a boot camp class.
Let me know what you are thinking if you want to do some sort of interview this week.
I am sooo looking forward to it.

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