Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fitness Plan - Weeks Immediately After Baby

Our baby is here and we have just been re-adjusting to life with a new born. She was born 2 weeks ago 5/5/08 – a Cinco De Mayo baby – believe me I was ready for a margarita once she came out. Labor was good and fast. She came out in about 2 pushes... Her name is Genevieve Grace and we call her gigi. I am glad to be home and to not be pregnant anymore :-)I am soooo excited about this plan. I am going to gather up all of the things that you suggested. Pictures of before, during and after being pregnant, I will write down all of my stats of weight, how I am feeling, goals, etc. I could have Jarrett do a video of me this week if you want or I could come over tot he studio if you want to do it and we could meet to talk about the exercise and eating plan. Let me know what you prefer.I went on a walk yesterday (1 mile with a couple of good hills) it felt good but I realized that I have a tough road in front of me... But I am soo committed and give you complete permission to kick my ass!

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