Monday, July 28, 2008

4th week of Boot Camp

Monday is always the hardest day of boot camp.  After 2 days of not getting up at the crack of dawn my alarm is never welcomed with a  a warm good morning when it goes off.  Today we did the Tour of hills at boot camp.  It was very hot and humid and about 10 minutes into the workout I felt myself struggling to push past my comfort zone.  I so wanted to walk, to catch my breath, but somehow I kept going. 

Doing boot camp has been so good for me during the emotional roller coaster of adding another baby into our family.  The adjustment has been harder than I thought it would be.  Gigi has reflux and has quite a few fussy times in the day.  Our first baby was so easy - so this has been a big change.  Being able to go and exercise first thing in the morning has been so good for me.  I find that when I am feeling good about myself and making healthy decisions about what I eat and how I spend my time it directly reflects in how I parent our kids.  

I'm a little nervous about the long run that I know is coming this week and the mile run on Friday... hoping my time improves again.

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