Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leadership Lessons

Yesterday was quite a workout... It's 24 hours later and I am still recovering. We ran around a perimeter of cones the entire workout and each time Mari blew the whistle we were instructed to either sprint or perform a certain exercise. I'm not sure how many times I made it around the circle but I will say the last few times around I wasn't sure I was going to make it... but somehow I did. One of the main things that kept me going was the amazing boot camp instructors. I am blown away by their support, encouragement, and belief in me. They know every boot camper by name and I honestly believe they want me to succeed.

One of the things that I love most about boot camp is not just how I am changing my life when it comes to exercise and eating but how I am growing as a leader. I love to watch Mari lead her team of instructors and each of the boot campers. She is an absolutely dynamic leader. She does not stand on an elevated platform barking out commands - she gets right in with her instructors and campers and leads us by example. She is constantly inspiring, she makes people believe in themselves and their hidden potential, she is relentless with helping each of us reach our goals, I see her pushing herself and when I watch her I know that she is doing what she was born to do... she leads with passion and conviction.

As a leader in a very different line of work I have been challenged by Mari to lead others with that same kind of vigor and tenacity. To make sure that the people that look to me for direction and leadership know that I am with them and for them and that I want them to flourish. Thanks Mari for how you inspire me as a leader.

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