Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Boot Camp!

I found myself standing in the huddle of boot campers this morning at 5:45 am experiencing that nervous / excited energy about the baseline test that was about to begin.  I have been out for 3 weeks with an ankle injury.  It was so good to return today.  It was great to see the instructors and boot camp friends.  I drove over to the park and had a good conversation with myself. (YES - I often have inner conversations with myself  :-)  I reminded myself of my goals, I pushed the fear out of my head that I was going to get injured again, and I committed to the discipline of taking care of my body.  For many years I would tell myself on Sunday nights - tomorrow I am going to work out - or tomorrow I am going to eat healthy.  I would do good for a few days and then I would miss a workout or cheat and eat something bad - and then I would not get back onto my plan... I would just fall back into the emotional ease of being lazy or undisciplined with my diet.  I can honestly say that last night while I was setting my shoes out for boot camp... I had that old thought - but I pushed through and set the alarm and got up... and I am so glad I did.  It was hard to run and I have a bit of a hill to climb before I am back to 100% physical capacity - but I am so glad that I pushed through and showed up today. 

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